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The operating device for interior sliding doors with one or two wings; versatile, silent and easy to install.

It features extremely compact sizes (both width and height) and a trendy silver (EURAS C0) finish.

It’s the ideal solution given its trim modern appearance, perfect with full glass and technical attachments for glass.

For hide-away or sliding doors

Glass can be used to fit full dividing walls, moving walls and all types of doors, including sliding or hide-away doors, which add efficiency and comfort, specially in heavy traffic working environments.


Ditec CIVIK automation is quiet and light, simple and versatile. It is very well suited for all frame types, from glass, to wood, to crystal, whose smart look is enhanced by a special connection system and a technology able to highlight the qualities of the material.

Ditec CIVIK features a range of functions and accessories, which enhance their efficiency and safety by controlling the operating mode and the door opening times, to allow reduced mobility people or cumbersome objects to go through, making sure the door can be fully operated even in the event of temporary power failure.

Ditec CIVIK is an Energy Saving automation thanks to its new generation electronic panel, which allows energy consumption to be optimised both in operating and stand-by modes.

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